Sunday, February 14, 2010

If it isn't one thing...

It's another. After being home and sick in bed for several days, I was finally feeling better and got back into the hustle and bustle of work and school. Last week at work I picked up a baby out of a playpen and torn a muscle in my shoulder. After a late night in the ER and a few days of rest, I went to the doctor thinking I was going to get cleared to return to work. The doctor not only wouldn't clear me for work, but said that I had to be off for another week and then follow up with him again. I see the doctor on Tuesday and have no idea what to expect. I am still having quite a bit of pain and can't really lift anything with that arm. It starts to ache after typing or writing for long periods of time. So that's where I am, I miss all my friends at work, but am trying to get lots of rest and take advantage of the time to study. I'll keep everyone updated. Pin It

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