Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So maybe right now, I'm not loving my life as much as usual. I decided to try out the P90X workout. Yesterday was exhausting and I felt sick 40 minutes into the 57 mins and had to stop. Didn't wake up as sore as I was expecting today and got right into day 2. Today was Cardio X and it felt good, challenged me not only on speed, agility and balance but it incorporated things I already new how to do as well. So I'm not going to post before pics for everyone to see, who wants to see that?!?! Maybe when there are these awesome after pics, I might give you a peak at the comparison. Wish me luck:) Pin It

Saturday, October 9, 2010

BMT Graduation

This past weekend my family attended my youngest brother graduate from Air Force BMT. My brother Sam and his wife Dee along with my nephew Atticus flew in from Virginia were they are stationed with the Air Force at Langley AFB. We hadn't seen them since February when they moved. Along with Bill and myself, mom and dad were there and Jack's girl friend Rachel flew in from Kansas were she is going to school. Last year when my brother Sam graduated I was in NY working and wasn't able to come home for the ceremonies, makes me sad that I missed them. We had a great time! Airman's Run, Coin Ceremony, and Graduation. Weekend packed full of fun and family time. Loved getting to see everyone and hang out. Pin It

Saturday, October 2, 2010

So much has happened...

I can't believe that I have been slacking and haven't blogged since May! So much has happened...In June Bill excepted a new job in Austin and we made the move to our first place of our own since getting married. We have a great apartment in South Austin and love are loving the city. With the move I was able to adjust my job with the hospital in Odessa and now only work a few days a month. Elle Dee Designs is now my full time job and I am busy getting ready for a full schedule of shows for the Fall. I had the chance to return to NY for a month of working at Timber Lake again in July and part of August. Started working on my BSN in June and will be done in early December. Seems like so much in such a small time. Next week we are all headed to San Antonio to see Jack, my youngest brother graduate from Air Force Basic Training. Sam, Dee and Atticus are even making the trip from Virginia where they are currently stationed with the Air Force at Langley. I promise to be a better blogger. Pin It