Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Letter Paper Co.

The countdown has started. Christmas is only one month away, which means that its time to start decorating, stringing lights, baking goodies and sending our Christmas Cards. As a business owner I like to encourage others to participate in the movement to Shop Local, Shop Handmade that is currently sweeping the nation. One of my favorite things to purchase handmade is stationary. Whether it is designed by a local artist and professional printed or hand pieces together.

This year I will be sending out cards designed and printed by Red Letter Paper Co.. Red Letter Paper Co. has put a spin on the traditional Christmas Card and turned it into a fun and hip way to share the season.

They has everything from traditional styles....

Wreath Christmas cards, green wreath, red bow - Set of 5 - modern christian religious cards Wreath Christmas cards, green wreath, red bow - Set of 5 - modern christian religious cards

To something a little more modern...

Twitter Christmas card, Funny Christmas card, Modern Christian Christmas card

I have a variety sitting right here on my desk and I can't wait to send them out. Remember Red Letter Paper Co. doesn't just design amazing Christmas Cards, but cards for all occasions from Fathers Day, birthdays to baby congrats and just because.

Funny birthday card - You're not old, you're vintage - orange, teal typography
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{This is a sponsored post, however all opinons are my own.}
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Monday, November 19, 2012

This or That Link-Up

I'm back and am ready to share the skinny on me. I can't wait to hear what you chose, this or that! So grab a button and link up!

1. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
2. Morning or Night: Night
3. Eating in or Out: Eating in if Hubs is cooking, out if I am:)
4. Cats or Dogs: Dogs
3. Apple or Windows: Windows
4. Store bought or homemade cookies: Homemade always
5. East coast or West Coast: West Coast
6. Night out or night in: Night in, I need my bed close by.
7. Coke or Pepsi: Coke..Diet Coke that is
8. Laundry or Dishes: Dishes
9. Football or Baseball: College Football, otherwise baseball
10. Reality TV or Sitcom: Sitcom
11. Electronic reader or paperback: Ereader, sometimes its nice to hold a real book
12. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
13. Eloping or Wedding: Wedding
14. Math/Science or Language Arts: Math/ Science
15. Salt or Pepper: Pepper
16. Friday or Sunday: Friday
17. Movie theater or rentals: Theater
18. Paper newspaper or online news: Newspaper
19. Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving
20. Oscars or Grammy's: Neither- don't really care
21. Gas stove or electric: Gas
22. Gold or Silver: Silver
23. Coke or Tea:Tea
24. City or Country: City but I love both
25. Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
26. Peanut butter or Jelly: Peanut butter-but really what is one without the other?!
27. Colors or black/white: Black and White
28. Online shopping or actual shopping: Actual shopping, as long as its anywhere but the mall.
29. College or High School:  high school was way more fun than college
30. Breakfast or Dinner: Breakfast for Dinner!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Families in Midland,
We are all praying for you. 

Dear Christmas Affair,
I'm spent after 1 night, here's to the next 2!

Dear 4 day work week,
I LOVE you!!

Dear Customers,
You never cease to amaze me! You make my me smile so much.

Dear Etsy,
That Cha-Ching noise on the mobile app is amazing!!!

Dear Husband,
Thank you for everything! You are the best.

Dear Followers,
I'm trying to figure out what our new look will be.

Dear Twitter,
I think I got this...finally!

Dear Cinsarah,
I love my necklace, thanks for hosting your awesome giveaway.

Dear Simply Livly,
This necklace is perfect!!! Thank you Thank you!

Dear Hubs,
I promise the couch is more comfortable than the chairs. You are gonna love the new living room:)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This OR That: A Link up

I saw this adorable post last week and thought it would be a great link up! I would love to get to know you better! I found this awesome survey to simply ask you to pick between this or that. Feel free to elaborate anywhere you'd like to explain your choice. Simply copy and paste the survey into your blog post and enter in your own choices between this or that. Come back on Monday November 19th and link up! If you don't have a blog feel free to share your answer in the comment section below.

1. Chocolate or Vanilla:
2. Morning or Night:
3. Eating in or Out:
4. Cats or Dogs:
3. Apple or Windows: 
4. Store bought or homemade cookies:
5. East coast or West Coast:
6. Night out or night in:
7. Coke or Pepsi:
8. Laundry or Dishes:
9. Football or Baseball:
10. Reality TV or Sitcom:
11. Electronic reader or paperback:
12. Facebook or Twitter:
13. Eloping or Wedding:
14. Math/Science or Language Arts:
15. Salt or Pepper:
16. Friday or Sunday:
17. Movie theater or rentals: 
18. Paper newspaper or online news:
19. Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving:
20. Oscars or Grammy's:
21. Gas stove or electric:
22. Gold or Silver:
23. Coke or Tea:
24. City or Country:
25. Diamonds or Pearls:
26. Peanut butter or Jelly:
27. Colors or black/white:
28. Online shopping or actual shopping:
29. College or High School:  
30. Breakfast or Dinner: 
31. Make up your own This or That for readers to answer in the comments section!
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Job,
You really shouldn't be this stressful.

Dear Country Music,
You made my morning with another Eric Church song.

Dear Hubs,
I can not wait for our "anniversary dinner" part dos tonight.

Dear Customers,
I promise I am going as fast as possible.

You rock!

Dear Groopdealz,
Thanks for helping with so much of my Christmas shopping.

Dear Sandy @ Firefly Confections,
I had so much fun writing about your amazing caramels, thanks for the opportunity!

Dear Meghan,
I can't wait to use all of my goodies and start my new book!

Dear Swaps,
You are so much fun!!!

Dear Craftcation and Snap!
I CAN NOT wait!!!

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Book Swap!!

If you've been around for long you know I love two things, swaps and books. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that The Sweet Green Tangerine and Friends were hosting a BOOK SWAP! Now that's what I'm talking about! I love reading and recently converted over to using my iPad for checking out books from the library and new book purchases. There is something to be said for holding an actual paper book in your hand. On occasion I am drawn to used book stores just to get my paperback fix. Anyways, on with the swap....

The mystery of who you're paired up with and followed by the mandatory stalking of all social media to "get to know" your swap partner. These are the key things to a good swap in my opinion. I was paired us with Meghan of Shine On. So I checked out her good reads, twitter, and blog. What I found made my day, the girls loves Nora Roberts as much as I do! Which was clear since we both sent each other one of her books.

I have to say I feel bad, I sent Meghan her book with a quick note. I was rushing to get it in the mail and not forget about the mailing deadline. When I got Meghan's package she had spoiled me! I got the awesome above mentioned book, but she also included these adorable owl magnetic book marks and an awesome mini book light! Meghan I promise I'll make it up to you next time we partner up!

Do you swap? What is your favorite so far? Do you have one in the works? Share so I can check it out!


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Firefly Confection - A Mouth Watering Review

It's that time of year, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, followed by Christmas and then New Years. Most of us will spend the time with our families and friends. One of my favorite things to do during these cool weather months is bake. When I lived closer to my parents I remember hours of baking with my mom getting ready for family gatherings, church events and the ever famous Cookie Exchanges. I was never one to get too adventurous with the cooking. I like to bake, but tend to stick with cookies and pies. If you are like me in this regard, fear not, you have options! I love to order homemade goodies from the pros!

Last year I won an amazing giveaway that featured a package of Salted Caramels from Sandy with Firefly Confections. Now, I have to admit I have attempted to make caramels myself in the past, they were nothing like this. These are amazing! I couldn't get enough and finally had to give the bag to my bestie to keep them out of my reach. Last week Sandy sent me a bag full of her two newest flavors, Gingerbread and S'more. They are packaged perfectly to show off the yummy crust and marshmallow top of these melt in your mouth bite size bits of S'more heaven.  The gingerbread flavor, which can be a tricky one was perfect! The mix of flavors are amazing and I can't say enough about how wonderful they were. 

I unwrapped just a few, because I know where my weaknesses lie. I had to try one of each flavor and since hubs was home this weekend I shared some with him as well to get his opinion. I knew I was going to love them as I am an experienced Firefly taste tester, but Hubs was tricky. He's a bit of health nut and tends to shy away from most sweets. That being said he pretty much inhaled these, and I quote, "these are amazing, tell her not to send more." I was laughing so hard I could hardly think straight, I'm expecting him to ask for more any moment now. Oh, he'll be back, I'm confident on that one. 

So when you are planning our your holiday baking, consider bring something different this year as your hostess gift. I think you will love all of Sandy's products, but I personally recommend the caramels. 

Sandy makes a variety of goodies, everything from specialty cookies decorated for your parties perfect theme to caramels and other goodies. She is an active participant in Operation Shower, an amazing organization that supports the expectant spouses of our military servicemen by throwing them fun filled group baby showers. She has two little baker assistants at home who I am sure are helping her come up with these amazing ideas. 


You can learn more about Firefly Confections and Sandy in the following places:     





Please note that this is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own...and hub's too.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Write in Down & Link It Up

Handwriting can be so fun, practiced and perfected, it can tell a lot about a person.  As little girls we practice our signature or hopeful signature of the future. It usually ends up with little hearts above every i. As we get older our writing changes with our personality. I remember my cursive L looked like a giant 2 for years, it wasn't until I was married and had a D in my name that I actually like the way my cursive D looked. 

I couldn't pass up a fun link up all about handwriting! So I headed over to Something Charming and started on my "writing post." She provided a simple prompt for what to include in each post...


I got to work on my writing and only started over once!
{I guess you're never too old to practice}

So there you have it! What does your writing look like, what does it say about you? 
Did you write a post and link up?

Write it Down
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hubs, 
Thank you for taking me out for a wonderful dinner last night. It was nice to actually sit down, eat a meal and talk together. I need a little one on one time. 

Dear Etsy,
You rock! I love your platform and I love my customers. 

Dear Grown Up Job,
40 hours a week is just too much, can't we negotiate?

Dear Bloggers,
I love all of the holiday gift guides. So glad that I could participate in a few of them! 

Dear TV,
I didn't really miss you until this morning when everyone was talking about how amazing the CMAs were. Now I wish I had watched some how. 

Dear Vacation Time.
I wish I was using you to take a fabulous trip that involved sand, bikinis, me and my hunky husband. I guess we'll both have to come to terms that you are being used for days to stay home and sew orders:)

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