Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Letters

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Dear iPhone 3GS,

Dear iPhone 4S,
Welcome to my world! Why do you have to be so expensive?

Dear Chapstick,
Thank you for ruining a great night with hubs by making your way into the dryer and ruining an entire load of laundry, mainly hubs work clothes!

Thanks for saving me a bundle and letting me buy more:)

Dear Tisa,
Thanks for telling me about

Dear Hubs,
So happy that you had a fun birthday!

Dear Ladies at the Gym,
First lady, you cracked me up you where rocking out the music overhead and made me start my workout happy. Second lady, not cool to sing along with your ear phones when there are people around you. I was trying to read a book and that other lady was watching tv. You did have a nice voice though:)

Dear Barton Springs,
I got a season pass, I'm really going to try and make it count. Could you warm up just a little for me. 

Dear Summer Shows,
I'm ready for you! Rizolli & Isles, The Glades, Rookie Blues oh and Secret Life. 

Dear Work,
I wish we had summers off.

Dear Insta-Lifers,
We are moving to Saturdays! Come back to tomorrow and link up your photo posts!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

thankful thursday

#1 NAPS: I have a bestie, she laughs at me when I say I need a nap. I really like them and live for the weekend when I can lay down and snooze for that hour or two mid-day.


#2 Weekends:See I don't have to go to work.

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#3 Happiness: I've got it and I'm thankful for it!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birchbox Baby: My March Box

This month was the first month for me and Birchbox. We met through a friend, first I saw pictures, then I stalked website, finally I decided that we should meet in person. Oh boy, was I happy I did!

What is Birchbox? Well some of you might still be asking this question. There are several ways to subscribe, monthly, 3 or 6 month memberships or yearly. Each month is just $10. After you fill in your simple beauty profile you will receive 1 box each month with 4-6 awesome beauty samples and coupons. Wanna Join? Yes!!! Click {HERE}

During March a special Teen Vogue box was offered and I figured why not. I would have new month to get the regular box. It was great!!

1. Kate Spade Twirl Perfume: It had a nice scent in the bottle, but once I wore it I wasn't liking it as much. It has a nice floral smell and I'm more of a sweet scent girl myself.

2.Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish in Gold: AMAZING I have worn it solo, but it would be best as a top coat. FULL SIZE PRODUCT:)

3.Kerastase Elixir Ultime: As far as products for frizz and shine go it worked great, wish it had a more appealing scent than "hair product."

4.Tarte LipSurgence lip tint: Great product, have worn it several times, just wish it wasn't so PINK. FULL SIZE PRODUCT

5. Twistband Hair Tie: It came in lime green so I wasn't all about the lack of coordinating, but I wore it, and I can't say enough great things about it! FULL SIZE PRODUCT

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Appreciation Gift Cups

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I have so much fun searching for small things to do for the awesome group I work with to let them know how great I think they are. We are always move and hustling so when I saw this post I thought, too cute!

The original concept came with the printable flags that had cute saying on them for teachers and teacher aids. Well since I was giving them to nurses and medical assistants I passed on the printable and just wrote personal thank you notes instead. Adorable thank you notes are from Tisa's Creations

I have been seeing these colorful tumblers all over town, but with having to purchase 6 of them I was looking for a deal. Joann's and HEB had them for $5.99 each and Wal-mart $3.88. Wal-mart had the better selection as well so I was able to chose a variety of colors and prints.

Each cup is filled with a box worth of drink mixes, each one is the perfect amount for the cup size. I bought a variety so each cup has: lemonade, pink lemonade, tea, and fruit punch.

With the cups and a box of drink mixes each one cost me right at $5. Perfect appreciation gift for teachers, school nurses, assistants, or anyone.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Manic Monday: The Newlywed Game

Mackey Madness is hosting the awesome Newlywed Game link up, what better way to spend a Manic Monday. I wasn't sure Hubs would be down for participating, but he totally answered all of the questions, 'cause he's kinda awesome that way.

Bill & Lani
Started Dating August 2003
Marries November 5, 2009

So here are the questions that each of us answered....

What do you think my best quality is?

He Said...My Lani is usually happy, smiling, more up than down (or even neutral), sweet, easy going, looks for the upside (most of the time) in most things. She is sensitive and responds easily to hurt people; empathetic.

She Said....Hubs is the most caring and loving man I know. He is my biggest fan;) and is always encouraging me no matter the challenge. He works hard and is honest about everything. 

What would be your ideal date with me?

He Said....My ideal date with her is a day off together where we start the day with some exercise in the cooler weather, walking, swimming and back to the house for our breakfast...she loves my eggs. We listen to some blues on Pandora while we're prepping the breakfast. We do our things in a laid back time frame, telling stories, laughing, playing some. At night we (during the week so less crowds) go to Homeslice, sit at the counter, enjoy the dough throwing and prep of the pizzas, drink some diet coke and eat pizza or meatball sandwiches. We go home (or sometimes stay out to walk and play in Austin). We situate the house and ourselves and crawl into bed together to enjoy each others company before fading.

She Said...Any day together! I love the days that we are lazy around the house all day, Wake up early in the morning, spend the day adventuring around the city, eating fun new foods or a special favorite, holding hands and having great conversation, reading together before bed at night.

What was your first impression of me?

He Said...Cute, bubbly, loving life, not bitter...all of which later I realized came from being raised by caring, supportive God loving family.

She dork! I first saw him when I was just 16 at a pool party. He was hanging out with his friends and I was, well not sure what I was. When we met again years late I was flustered, he was so handsome and talked to me! Took we weeks of flirting and talking and it took forever to get a date!

What is your favorite memory of us?

He Said...We have so many memories that my favorite would be whatever we decide to think about from scuba diving and canoing through every canyon in Big Bend to moving across the country and back, missing each other and enjoying reunions. 

She Said...The morning we woke up on the first day of our vacation and you asked me where I wanted to go. I said the beach and by the end of the day we were in the car and headed for the coast 1500 miles away. Spending an amazing week on the beach camping. The weekends in San Fran staying a little boutique hotels, walking the wharf and eating pancakes at Stacks.

What do you see for us in the future?

He Said...I see a continued future of caring, growing, experiencing, loving and obeying God and being the best individuals and couple we can be.  

She Said...Many more years of happily wedded bliss... growth personally, professional, spiritually, as a family and as individuals.
Make sure you head over to Mackey Madness and see what the other Newlyweds have to say.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Self,
Why do you use so many exclamation points?

Dear HR,
I'm seriously nervous about my interview today!

Dear Mom,
Glad you are hear to visit, had fun thrifting with you yesterday.

Dear Blog,
I enjoy you SOOOO much.

Dear Target,
It's pay day...I'm coming for that new purse I saw last week;)

Dear Butterflies in my Tummy,
Go away! I don't need you.

Dear Face,
I know you don't like make-up, I'm not all that into it either. Today it had to happen, get over it. 

Dear Hubs,
Thanks for the encouraging words and sweet email yesterday. You made me have happy tears.

Dear Summer,
Bring it!

Dear Elle Dee Designs Readers,
So happy you crossed over in the "merge" of the two blogs.

Dear Insta-Life Linkers,
The party will be tomorrow. Too much happening today, please come back.


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It's My Insta-Life Linky Party

With much delay...Friday's Sunday's It's My Insta-Life Party!

#16 Sunglasses

#17 Green: The grass is green again!

#18 Corner of my house: Dress forms and fabric

 #19 Funny: Bird imprint on the window after it flew into it

#20 Before and After
#21 Kitchen Sink
#22 Delicious: Huge Salad

#23 Moon: Lack of tonight

#24 An Animal

#25 Breakfast: In bed with a good book

One of my fav pics of the week taken on South Congress during the SXSW festival.

Here are the ground rules:
I ask that you only link up posts that are related to your week in pictures. You don't have to use Instagram, but I promise you will fall in love with it if you try.
Please link back to my blog somehow and include one of the awesome buttons from the party in your post {that is the amazing Austin skyline of the button}. Now hurry go tell all of your friends.

Last thing, please take the time to visit at least two of the other links in the party.

I'm linking up too!

LinkUp on Mondays! 

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