Monday, November 23, 2009

Workout Overhaul

So I have decided that since I make a commute to Odessa for work and often don't leave until 7:45-8:00 in the evening to head home. That working out is pretty much a no go on work days. I get home just in time to shower, check email, spend a little time with Bill if he's home or visit some with my parents before I fall into bed. To make up for all of these no workout days I have convinced myself that I need to have major workout days on my days off. About a month ago I changed my COM membership from cool lap swimmer to not as cool water aerobics. My new friend Alanna and I tried it together and enjoyed it, most weeks we can manage 1 or 2 days that we can meet for a water workout. I know what you are thinking, I thought only old people did water aerobics? Well for the most part this is true, Alanna and I are by far the youngsters of the group, which is mainly from 50 years and up. Our first week we were corrected in how we kept our shoulders straight and tummies in. Very entertaining. I thought that this would be a nice time for Alanna and I to catch up, but have found that it is hard to breath much less carry a conversation when you are trying to keep up with people 3 times your age. It's more difficult than you think. Last week Shea and I got on our bikes for the first time in over a years. We contemplated how far we should ride our first day back in the saddle and ended up with "the churches" on 191. If you are from Midland you know exactly what I am talking about if not, there are a group of three churches that have all been built next to each other about 4 miles from Sam's club on Hwy 191. There was a slight head wind that made the ride a little more challenging than was planned for, but the ride was great. Finished with a total of 9.23 miles and felt great. So the new plan for my days off is 45 minutes of water aerobics followed by just under 10 miles of cycling, followed by a huge nap:) Two weeks in a row it has worked. Hopefully we can start to increase the milage on the bikes soon. Pin It

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What happened AMAZON.COM?

I promise that I won't use this blog as a gripe space, but something happened today that really bothered me. I use all the time to sell used books. I think that I am very conscious of how I list my books. I very rarely say "like new" and usually list as "very good" or "good." I love books and take very good care of them. So last week I made my first purchase of a used book. I recently decided to join a local woman's book club and had to hurry to pick up this months book. Barnes and Nobles was sold out so I hit up amazon, and I found several copies of the book listed. I picked out the only one listed as "very good." What a joke. Apparently my interpretation of this and the sellers were very different. I received my purchase in the mail today and was excited to open it. You can imagine my surprise when I pulled out my "very good" used book, the book had obviously gotten wet at some point and had warped pages, the spine was broken completely so that pages are about to fall out and the last page of the book is ripped in half. Now I paid very little for this book, but still thought I was getting a usable product. I'm not sure if the book will survive my reading it. I think I will stick to the used bookstores for a while and think hard before my next amazon purchase. Pin It