Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What happened AMAZON.COM?

I promise that I won't use this blog as a gripe space, but something happened today that really bothered me. I use all the time to sell used books. I think that I am very conscious of how I list my books. I very rarely say "like new" and usually list as "very good" or "good." I love books and take very good care of them. So last week I made my first purchase of a used book. I recently decided to join a local woman's book club and had to hurry to pick up this months book. Barnes and Nobles was sold out so I hit up amazon, and I found several copies of the book listed. I picked out the only one listed as "very good." What a joke. Apparently my interpretation of this and the sellers were very different. I received my purchase in the mail today and was excited to open it. You can imagine my surprise when I pulled out my "very good" used book, the book had obviously gotten wet at some point and had warped pages, the spine was broken completely so that pages are about to fall out and the last page of the book is ripped in half. Now I paid very little for this book, but still thought I was getting a usable product. I'm not sure if the book will survive my reading it. I think I will stick to the used bookstores for a while and think hard before my next amazon purchase. Pin It

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  1. Good start! I LOVE the profile picture and the title!!! I can't wait to read more.


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