Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grand Canyon

Yesterday morning the long awaited trip to the Grand Canyon became a reality. Bill and his dad drove off into the cool morning, and started on their 13 hour drive to Flagstaff, Arizona. They got in late last night and settled into a nice hotel for their last night of sleeping in a bed for the next 3 weeks. This morning they drove to Lee's Ferry, near Page, AZ and will spend the day there. They will be setting up their gear and getting everything ready to get on the river tomorrow morning. They will be camping on the beach tonight with boat within reach. When I checked the weather for them this morning it was -1 where they were, but 40 degrees where they would be spending the night. This again makes me ask the question....are they crazy?!?! So he promised to call in the morning from the Sat phone and let me know they were setting out. Then the plan is a brief 10 minutes call every 3 days or so to check in and makes sure everything is going great. I think they are a little crazy, with it being so cold, but I know that they are going to have an amazing time, fun, exciting and unforgettable. Can't wait to see and the pictures and here all the stories when they get home in three weeks. Pin It

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