Thursday, December 17, 2009

Magnets with Personality!

So my mom and I are always thinking of some fun craft that we can do together. Two days ago we decided that we were going to make magnets. My aunt in Missouri makes magnets that are similar, we looked at all of her resources and thought, we can do this a little cooler. So, we made a trip to Micheal's and bought our initial investment. We spent the evening making all kinds of magnets, Alphabet letters, numbers, high school logos, and adorable pictures of my nephew. Mom took them to work displayed on a cute magnet board and took two huge orders! We spent the evening watching Julie and Julia and making awesome magnets. Fun time with my mom and making a little extra moolaa. So, if you want an adorable custom magnet and one of our many predesigned logos let me know. Pin It

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