Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Its been a while...

When I started blogging earlier this year I was so excited. I felt like I had joined this small elite group of awesome people. I still feel that way, sadly I haven't had as much time to dedicate to my own personal blog. I hope to get back to that place where I was blogging regularly. A lot has been happening and I feel like I just kinda disappeared without telling anyone where I went. 

Well, here it is... My business is busier that it has ever been in the near 3 years I have been open! It wasn't something sad or tragic, its a good thing, actually a great thing! It the past years I have had plenty of anxiety over my business, its my baby and no one wants to see their baby fail or stop growing. That's what my anxiety has been about in the past. Now my anxiety is about, how do I keep up, how do I hire someone to help me and the reality of maybe one day this can be my real job and actually pay me!

So right now I go to my 8-5 grown up job Monday thru Friday, and when I get home I try and make a point to eat dinner with Hubs. The rest of the evening and weekends are about sewing, ironing, packaging, updating the website, filling orders and preparing inventory for upcoming shows. 

I keep telling myself that I will get caught up this weekend and then I can work on a craft for me or something else fun. Instead 5 more orders come in and the idea of ever being caught up flies out the window. 

So this is where I have been for the past month. Its all good and I'm super happy about it. 

Now if anyone wants to off me some advise on how to hire someone for a few hours a week of prep work or know someone in the Central Texas area. That's info I could work with. I love all of you, thanks for sticking it out and supporting me along the way. You are what makes Elle Dee Design a success!

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  1. Um...I know someone that could help you for a few hours a week :) ME! Shoot me an email... viewfromthe512 at gmail


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