Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1LW...It's been a while

Positive attracts positive.

Wednesdays have so much to offer. Mid week relief, knowing the weekend is just a few days away and 1 Little Word posts.

Sadly in the past few weeks my blogging has taken a back seat to the many other busy areas of my life. I steal time with Hubs when he isn't working and studying. So little time gets to be spent with the bestie {we talk all the time though}, business is booming! My house is relatively clean, and I get to work out almost everyday!

Being Positive is one of the hardest things we do. As sinners, we are naturally drawn towards     emotions that are on the other end of spectrum. Anger, Sadness, disdane and so many others.  So being Positive really is a challenge for us. 

During my lunch hour work out I try hard to read a book, listen to music, NOT talk to people. I find that that time is my {me time}. It's what I need to stay balanced. A little time to not think about the bad stuff, the crime, the wildfires, the illness, the sin that surrounds us. 

Do you have a me time? What do you like to spend that time doing? 

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  1. i think i need some more me time. lately i've been running myself ragged! i think i need to schedule in weekly coffee dates with myself. just me, my journal and coffee. sounds delightful. :)

  2. Greta reminder to be more positive! Loved this post :) haha and yes, thankfully I have been good at giving me some me time. I like to workout and blog :)

    Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!


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