Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet Words to My Ears

My husband has a friend, a coworker that he has gotten to know over the years we've been here in Austin. He is a nice man with a lovely wife. We have had dinner with them a few times and Hubs has spent some time with his coworker socially. 

For some background, My husband has grown amazingly in his personal walk with Christ in the past years. He amazes me daily with his love, dedication and steadfastness to focus on Christ. He is open with his faith at work and in his daily life. He enjoys conversations where he can share a sermon topic or a scripture with his friends. Recently the men he works with have asked questions, some have started to read their Bibles more regularly. There is one that stands out...

My new prayer
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Back to that special couple, My Husband recently received the follow text message:

It's a new day and I am a new man in a different place than when you last saw me brother. I thanked God for placing you in my life when I prayed last night and this morning he told me to honor him by letting you know this. He wants you to know that you lead by example in the way you live your life and that your example has been noticed and is a blessing to me. I want you to know this and to know that I am now "all in" thanks to people like you. Keep doing what you are doing because it works. God bless you and Lani.

Wow! As you can imagine Hubs and I were not expecting this! I cried, I was so happy for this man. A phone conversation soon followed this text and Hubs came to find out that recently the wife of this sweet man had also declared her faith in Christ and chosen to live for Him. She was overseas undergoing IVF and leaned of Christ in her time of weakness. Sadly it was not successful and no baby was to come of the treatment. Yet she did not turn away, she continued to read her Bible and reach for Christ.

 I am happy to say that months later, both this husband and wife are now living for Christ and soon will have a beautiful child coming that they will be able to share this love with. 

So the lesson of this story is that your everyday actions matter, your language, your attitude, the love you show a stranger, everything! you never know what impressionable person is watching and listening. Don't you want to influence them in a positive way?

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  1. I just came over from Friday's Letters and wander around your blog, because it seemed interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this on your site, such an encouragement for me!! God bless you!


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