Monday, June 18, 2012

I was going to...but then... A link up!

I was going to drag Hubs to see Rock of Ages but then... We decided Madagascar was a better fit and I LOVED it!  

I was going to Spend my lunch hour @ the post office but then... Hubs offered to be my assistant and go for me, workout here I come!

I was going to Craft Riot Social tonight but then... I realized I would much rather have a pizza date with Hubs. 

I was going to Stress out about not having time to blog daily right now but then... I realized that I'm the only one putting those expectations on me.

I was going to Clean up my Facebook and blog roll but then... I realized how much work that is and decided it wasn't that important. 

I was going to try out self tanning towelettes from Birchbox but then... I panicked and thought about how bad it would be to go to work with a streaky tan.

I was going to Ignore the new Dallas but then...I realized, who am I kidding! I loved the pilot!

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  1. nice list! I can't wait to see Madagascar! I loved the other ones :)
    I fear self tanner as well though I think at some point I will try it. I want to try a spray tan but have the same fears as you! ;)

    thank you for linking up!!!

  2. ahh! I got the self tanning towelettes in my BB too and I am afraid to try them! Maybe tonight I will be brave...since I can just wear pants to work tomorrow ;)


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