Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Diaper Motorcycle!

A few months back, I found a similar project to this on Pinterest. The pin that I found required floral wire and I was just not interested in something that complicated, so I created this diaper motorcycle!  I made on for my friend, Melissa, and then this one, for a co-worker of Jim's.

Here are some basic instructions:

What You Need!

1 Package of receiving blankets (I like to choose a set off of the person's registry.)
Thick sized ribbon (coordinating with blankets)
Diapers! (These are size three. I bought a large package and used approximately 60 diapers.)
1 baby food jar (empty)
1 pair baby socks
3 larger rubber bands
Smaller thin ribbon
1 toilet paper roll
Glue gun with 1 stick


1. Take 18 diapers and overlap one another, forming a small round circle to form a wheel. Secure that diaper "wheel" with a rubber band around the whole thing.  Repeat with 18 more diapers. Then, take 24 diapers, and form the larger wheel.

2. Cover rubber bands with chosen ribbon and hot glue the ends together to make it stay.

3. Take one receiving blanket, fold into a triangle and then roll up to form the handlebars. By folding it into a triangle, it will be longer, enabling you to thread it through the largest wheel and joining the two ends up top. Secure with a rubber band.

4. To form the handle bars, I like to cut the toilet paper roll in half and form smaller rolls within the blanket to form stiffer handlebars. Once completed, they should stick out nicer and you can add the baby socks.

5. Take another receiving blanket and thread it through the big wheel and wrap it around the outer part of the other wheels, connect behind the big wheel by knotting.

6. Take one more receiving blanket and form a "seat" by folding. I simply tuck ends into middle hole of front tire where the other two receiving blankets are threaded through.
7. Finally, place baby jar facing outwards to form a "headlight" and tie smaller thin ribbon on handlebars to cover the rubber band.

One final option is to buy a stuffed animal to add to the gift that is "riding" the motorcycle.

This diaper cake is always a hit and actually pretty simple. Once you get the hang of it, you can probably assemble the whole thing within a half hour.

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