Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday: I was going to....but then....

"I was going to _______but then __________..."

That is the theme of the day. Another weekend gone and here it is Monday.
Last week was crazy busy with lots of family time getting ready for my youngest brothers wedding in Kansas. I think 6 hours was the max I slept on any given night. I managed to exercise daily and only ate out a few times. Overall it was a wonderful week. My oldest and dearest friend came to Austin from Florida this weekend and spent the night Saturday and the day Sunday with us. We had a wonderful time. 

So here it is, my first edition of
 "I was going to _______but then __________..."

"I was going to call in sick to sleep in, but then I dragged my butt out of bed and came to work."
"I was going to eat Chick-fil-A for lunch but then I decided to go home and have tacos with hubs."
"I was going to put my shop on vacation mode but then I forgot and tons of orders started to roll in."
"I was going to write a blog post about the wedding last week but then I went to bed early instead."
"I was going to buy a Kindle but then I figured out that my iPad works good for books too."
"I was going to complain about it being Monday but then I decided to embrace it and have a wonderful day!"

Hope you are having a wonderful day too! I have all kinds of crafty/baking goodness to share with you tomorrow and I promise it'll be worth the wait:)

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  1. What a fun post, I like this idea!!

    I agree, iPads are more fun ;) But if you're outside, the glare is terrible with the glass!

    I want to hear about the wedding!

    Happy Monday <3

  2. great minds think alike! So I guess I can count you in as a linker-upper for future I was going to ....but then....

    The ipad is great but you'll find you can't read outside very well. I have a KOBO (same idea as a Kindle). and I LOVE IT!!! :)


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