Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Elle Dee Designs,
I'm so happy that you are keeping my busy! I think its time to get us some help. I promise I'll work on it.

Dear Blog,
I can't say that I am sorry enough, I hate that you are so neglected. 

Dear Tisa,
You are working too hard at your new job and I miss our daily emails. 

Dear Rachel, My hair stylist,
You rock! I love my cut and I love my new color. Thanks for making my day.

Dear Crystal Light,
What would I do without you. 

Dear Gym,
I think we can agree that our relationship is best when we met during lunch and after work. This 0600 meet up seems to end up in my forgetting my bra, and going to work with my bikini top under my scrubs. Just isn't going to work out for me. 

Dear Dino Hoodie,
Who would have thought you would ever be so popular?

Dear Mom and Dad,
I miss you!

Dear Hubs,
I'm very proud of you for working so hard, dedicating your free time to school. Thanks for still making time for me.

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  1. I hear ya on the neglecting-the-blog thing. Life just keeps getting in the way!!!

    When the hubs and I run out of Crystal Light Lemonade packets for our pitcher, we FREAK out. I mean, we are done for. It's the end of the world. That stuff is AMAZING!

    Great letters! New follower. I'm heading over to Facebook to "like" you now!

  2. the gym and I have a love hate relationship.. we're taking a heated break right now. it's probably for the best, really.

  3. Hi from the linkup!

    These letters are well "sent"! That's funny about your gym situation. My gym and I have a love hate relationship, as well! I love to have a membership, but I hate to go! Oh well.

    I hope you have a good weekend.


  4. Isn't it amazing how a new cut and color can change you!

    New follow via Friday's Letters!

  5. love all your letters!

    New follower! Happiest Friday!! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!

  6. I hope your business will get some help soon. If I would've lived closer to you, I would've been in for such an adventure!:)


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