Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear ATX,
Enjoy all of your live music at ACL this weekend. I'm headed to the Big D and away from the craziness.

Dear Ashley,
I am soooo excited to have you on board. Can't believe that Elle Dee Designs hired it's first employee this week!

Dear Skye,
Never thought I would need a virtual assistant, but you ROCK! and I am so glad to have you!
{Skye can be found as @rinderceIIa on twitter or at}

Dear Mom,
So glad you are here, Road Trip here we come!

Dear Land's End GIANT Tote Bag,
I am so glad you are giant size, I will be filling you full of stuff to work on in the car this weekend.

Dear Hubs,
1 set of clinicals down! I am so proud of you, this semester will be over before you know it. 

Dear Etsy,
Not sure how I feel about these "changes for the better" that you have going on. We'll see...

Dear Week,
I am glad you are coming to an end. This has been one of my busiest weeks in months.

Dear Readers, aka YOU,
You should really subscribe to my new newsletter. Its gonna be awesome and packed full of cuteness or and coupon codes and event info. Click here to sign up ---->

Dear Cousin J,
Congrats on getting married this weekend, thanks for having a fun wedding so we can get dressed up:)

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  1. Virtual assistant AND an employee...wooohooo!! How exciting for you..congratulations!!

  2. AND I'm sooo happy to be here!!!


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