Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hubs,
Thank you for making time for me this week. I think we both needed it.

Dear Mom,
I had so much fun this past weekend on our road trip.

Dear Shoulder,
I need to get through the next 3 months, please, please behave! I can not afford days in bed.

Dear Country Music,
I've missed you. It's been a fun reunion. 

Dear Customers,
Why would you think you can order a custom product for  a holiday and expect to get it within days. Do businesses really do this? Sad to say I have had to turn a lot of you away this week:(

Dear Skye,
Once again you are my hero this week.

Dear Twitter,
We got this. 

Dear Etsy,
Thank you for being you! So excited that we reached the 500 sales milestone this morning!

Dear Facebook,
Yes, that is 2000+ followers!!

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  1. Fellow Texan here! Glad to have found you through the link up.

  2. Yay for time with husband and mom! :)
    And that's awesome about your shop! I totally want to go creep on it now. I am obsessed with Etsy! :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Ditto on the country music!! Stopping by from the link up, happy Friday!!

  4. love these little notes! so true about country music...i always go through spells when i forget about how good it is and then it comes back into my life and it's the best! your blog is darling and we are your newest followers, come follow along at ! XO


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