Monday, October 1, 2012

Living Room Makeover...PART 1

This is something I don't often like to admit, but here goes. I have hardly any furniture in my house! There I said it, I feel better now. So here is a little background. When hubs and I met he had his own home and I lived with my parents. Therefore, we had his furniture (also known as whatever my mom picked out) for the first few years. When we left Texas and headed for California a few years ago we took everything with us, thanks to Hubs company moving us I didn't think twice about it. While we lived in California we purchased a new bed {why we bought ANOTHER full size bed, I'll never know!}. When it was time to move back to Texas we knew that we would be staying with my parents for a while until we found a house, seemed like a good time to get rid of a few things to avoid storage room cost.  Mind you all that stuff we let the company move for us sat in storage for the majority of the nearly 2 years we were in California. For some reason we never figured out how to get a pool table into our apartment, who would have thought?! 

So we cleaned out the storage room, sold the pool table, refrigerator, wash and dryer and so much more! We moved ourselves back to Texas and into a store room...again. The short time we were to live with my awesome parents turned into a year. It was a really good year though. We made offers on a few houses, something always came up and we would pull out of negotiations. Then it happened....Hubs got a call about a job offer. Something big, and when something is big there are nerves involved. Lets just say that California was a long way for me to be away from my family, I really struggled with it and visited once a month. That is the main reason we came back to Texas. This new job would have taken us really in Saudi Arabia! We talked about it, we prayed about it, we talked to our parents about it, we made lists. Then when we thought, why not lets give it a go we'll have 3-6 months to get geared up for it while we get papers together {we are married now and staying behind wasn't an option for me}. So that last phone call Hubs made to discuss with the company, we find out that there is no 3-6 months. They can expedite out papers and we will have them within a week! A WEEK to move across the world!! I don't think so, to say the least we turned the job down and know to this day is was the right decision for us. A week later we were interviewing for his current job in Austin and within the month we were here. We love it and are super happy about our decision. 

Turned it down cause it was just too much too quick...
YES!! SO happy to still be in Texas!
Now back to the furniture, we got ride of everything, then we didn't need anything and then we moved a 3rd floor walk up apartment. We knew we would only be there a year and decided that the idea of moving everything down those stairs was less than appealing and we would wait to make those purchases till we were settled in a house. Fast forward... we've been in our house almost a year and a half and my living room is serving as Hubs office.  Why you ask does he not use the 3rd bedroom upstairs as his office as was intended? Because he loves his desk, his $25 garage sale, old school teachers desk that has students names written in the desk draw and has some sticker from a Janis Joplin concert on it.  Said desk refuses to make it up the stairs and around the corners into the office. But I am Jonesing for a cute Living Room! We have saved and put the money aside to buy a new Living Room with CASH! Always makes a girl happy. It's the end of September and Hubs says that over the Christmas break we can make the purchases and figure out the layout. 

WOW! That was a lot of background on the reasoning behind my lack of seating. I have been surfing the web and looking for ideas to put this room together. Here's a little bit of what I have so far. Tell me what you think.... I love suggestions!

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