Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Hubs, 
Thank you for taking me out for a wonderful dinner last night. It was nice to actually sit down, eat a meal and talk together. I need a little one on one time. 

Dear Etsy,
You rock! I love your platform and I love my customers. 

Dear Grown Up Job,
40 hours a week is just too much, can't we negotiate?

Dear Bloggers,
I love all of the holiday gift guides. So glad that I could participate in a few of them! 

Dear TV,
I didn't really miss you until this morning when everyone was talking about how amazing the CMAs were. Now I wish I had watched some how. 

Dear Vacation Time.
I wish I was using you to take a fabulous trip that involved sand, bikinis, me and my hunky husband. I guess we'll both have to come to terms that you are being used for days to stay home and sew orders:)

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  1. Participating in Friday's Letters for the first time! Please stop by our blog if you have a chance. Have a great weekend. :)



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