Monday, November 5, 2012

Write in Down & Link It Up

Handwriting can be so fun, practiced and perfected, it can tell a lot about a person.  As little girls we practice our signature or hopeful signature of the future. It usually ends up with little hearts above every i. As we get older our writing changes with our personality. I remember my cursive L looked like a giant 2 for years, it wasn't until I was married and had a D in my name that I actually like the way my cursive D looked. 

I couldn't pass up a fun link up all about handwriting! So I headed over to Something Charming and started on my "writing post." She provided a simple prompt for what to include in each post...


I got to work on my writing and only started over once!
{I guess you're never too old to practice}

So there you have it! What does your writing look like, what does it say about you? 
Did you write a post and link up?

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  1. Hey I know you! :) What a fun linkup, right?

  2. oh man I HATE almost all of my cursive upper case letters! Maybe I should practice more... hehe :)

  3. I still haven't perfected my cursive D. I remember learning how to write one and thinking it was so difficult. And it never came out right. Yours looks great though!

  4. You have a pretty handwriting jealous!

  5. I love your cursive! And John Steinbeck!

  6. Your handwriting is just beautiful Lani! And I still don't like my upppercase "D" (which is terrible, since my last name starts with a D...). Thanks so much for linking up this week my dear! xoxoxo

  7. I love this. Your handwriting is BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Your handwriting IS beautiful! Both print and cursive. I like your g's =]

  9. Nice legible handwriting! I love legible handwriting! :D


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