Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Families in Midland,
We are all praying for you. 

Dear Christmas Affair,
I'm spent after 1 night, here's to the next 2!

Dear 4 day work week,
I LOVE you!!

Dear Customers,
You never cease to amaze me! You make my me smile so much.

Dear Etsy,
That Cha-Ching noise on the mobile app is amazing!!!

Dear Husband,
Thank you for everything! You are the best.

Dear Followers,
I'm trying to figure out what our new look will be.

Dear Twitter,
I think I got this...finally!

Dear Cinsarah,
I love my necklace, thanks for hosting your awesome giveaway.

Dear Simply Livly,
This necklace is perfect!!! Thank you Thank you!

Dear Hubs,
I promise the couch is more comfortable than the chairs. You are gonna love the new living room:)

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  1. 4 day week? Thats no fair! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Well 4 days a week at the office and 1 work for myself day at home!!

  2. i have never used etsy on my mobile. I think i must try this.. if only for the cha ching ;) xo annalizbeth

    1. I didn't even have it until yesterday. A friend told me about the Cha-Ching and I had to get it!

  3. 4 day work week?! Awesome! What about next week for thanksgiving. Does that mean only 3 days?! Nice. Love your little bloggy (: Have an amazing weekend hun <3


    1. Sadly my new "day away from the office" is Thursdays so next weeks is still only 4, but I love it anyways!


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