Friday, December 21, 2012

Make a wish

I recently stumbled across this 20 Wishes post from Truly Lovely inspiring their readers to create a list of 20 things they want to do in the next twelve months. I love this idea. I love that it's not about things you should do or things that need to get done.

The way I see it, if I could create a blueprint for this next year made of only the things I want to do, this is what it would look like...

1. Meet a blog friend.{Planning to meet several}
2. Attend a business conference.
3. Lose 10 lbs and ton up{this is on everyone's list}
4. Jog 3 5Ks
5. Reach 1000 sales on Etsy
6. Get new sewing studio completed
7. Keep blogging throughout the year
8. Do one Celebrity gifting with Elle Dee Designs
9. Host a awesome swap
10. Attend a blog conference
11. Read 40 books (ten more than this year)
12. Go on a trip with Hubs
13. Ride my bike more
14. Keep in touch with my brothers and Sister in laws
15. Update business website to contain all items and keep it updated.
16. Get Family Pictures made, just me and hubs.
17. Furnish guest room
18. Build amazing friendships, whether new or current
19.Become an LLC
20. Meet my newest nephew

Fun year, right?

If you make a list too, I'd love to see it.

Recap of 2012...

So here they are...12 in 12!
1. Read at least 30 books (exact list is in the works)  Read over 100 books this year!
2. Lose 10 lbs (this is an ongoing goal that I'm not very motivated to work on) {lost and then re-gained 10 lbs!}
3. Continue to Pray and read the Bible daily.
4. Continue to stay away from Red Bull (going on 4 months{NO REDBULL:(})
5. Grow my business and reach 2000 facebook fans and 400 sales on Etsy.{2400 facebook followers and 631 Etsy sales to date 12/21/2012}
6. Stay involved in our Missional Community & actively volunteer with them.{Just too many things to juggle}
7. Exercise at least 5 days a week...and change it up sometimes.{yes!!}
8. Continue to faithfully tithe.{yes!!}
9. Purchase Living room furniture.  {arrived this week!}
10. Cook dinner once a week.
11. Update business website to contain all items and keep it updated.
12. Get Family Pictures made, just me and hubs.

Truly Lovely
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