Monday, December 17, 2012

My heart breaks...

Mothers and Fathers of Sandy Hook Victims, 

I do not know your sadness. I am not a mother and can not begin to understand what you are feeling. What I do understand is that every time I think about this tragedy,  see something on the news or read a blog post, my heart breaks for you, my eyes tear and I am baffled. I am baffled as to what leads a person to act in this way. 

My hearts breaks for this young man's family as well. I know that in this time they are suffering as well and there will be {have no doubt} people that will question why I feel for them. They will wonder why I feel bad for these people, why I would give them my prayers, why take those thoughts away from the defenseless children and teachers that were slaughtered. 

It's sad that in these moments we are quick to judge and equally quick to forget that a young man died this day too. His mother lost her life as well and a father lost a son, and surely is surely questioning what they could have done differently, where they went wrong. 

I pray that something good can come from this loss. I pray that these families will turn to God and surrender to Him and know His comfort and peace in the coming weeks.  We know that we may never have answers as to why this happened. I pray that God will bring peace to each and everyone of these families. I pray that their community will surround them with love and embrace them. 

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