Monday, December 24, 2012

Who My Junk Folder Thinks I am....

Have you actually looked in your junk/spam folder lately. Forever I just deleted it and moved on. Recently I realized important emails were being filtered in there and now I look every time before I delete them. All I can say is clearly my junk folder doesn't know me very well. You should see what is in that thing!


According to my junk folder I am....

  • Desperately in need of a date, it recommends younger men {Cougar site} and that they be Jewish. Occasionally a senior site pops up too. We don't discriminate.
  • I need better tv service
  • I need a payday loan {like everyday}
  • I should go back to school, something in criminal justice
  • I'm stupid lucky, you should see all the money I win
  • I need better insurance, life, car and medical
  • I need to loose my belly fat and this raspberry thing will do just the trick
  • I've been wearing glasses for too long and should get Lasik surgery

Who does your junk folder think you are?? Link up and share with us.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Lani,

    That was a pure fun blog post and it really makes me smile.

    Debra Seiling and


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