Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Ladies of the Locker Room,
You are killing me! All this talk about your recent boob jobs, lipo and tummy tucks. Then you say the worst part was not being able to work out. I was holding my giggles in till I could get out of there.

Dear Bank,
Take that!

Dear Astros,
I can not wait to sit in the stands and cheer you on tonight. 

Dear Fat Mum Slim,
These photo a day challenges are getting harder to keep up on, I guess that's why its called a challenge. 

Dear Used Bookstore,
I wish someone would bring you the books I have on my list. 

Dear Target,
Do you have a rehab group?

Dear Work,
Can I please hear back about my interview? I'm anxious.

Dear Hubs,
I am so happy about our weekend away! Thank you!!

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  1. What books are you looking for??? {Smiles} Well, you never know, right?

  2. Dear Lani! If you can locate a Target rehab group...I'm in!


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