Thursday, May 3, 2012

thankful thursday

This week had some ups and downs, you probably read about them yesterday, if not here they are. Yesterday's post might help today's make more sense. 

#1 Folding Towels: You might ask why I would be thankful for a chore. This week it was a time for conversation, hard conversations and it worked out to be a good time just sitting and talking with Hubs, oh and the laundry actually got finished!

"Astros vs Rockies" by brandella won the Baseball Contest #snapzing #photo #contest
#2 Baseball: Hubs isn't a huge sports fan, I do enjoy it some. Mainly love, but a college football game on TV works for me too. This weekend we have tickets to watch the Astros play in Houston and I'm really excited about the game and the time with Hubs. We haven't been to a baseball game since we lived in California nad watched the Giants play, its been about 3 years!
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  1. love baseball! me and my future hubby were lucky enough to be at the Rangers Game 6 last season when they won and got to go back to the World Series! I love going to baseball games! Thanks for linking up at the Elf House!

  2. Oh my gosh, have a super fun time at the baseball game! So happy you'll get to go .. yay! :)
    I love how you are thankful for folding towels. That is so beautiful + nice :) Hugs!
    Thanks for linking up to THankful Thursday @ First Day of My Life!! ox


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