Thursday, May 24, 2012

thankful thursday

Its been a busy week, a great week. I am happy and nervous excited about a few things. With out further a do that lead me too...thankful thursday!

#1 Hubs: Hubs has given me a great full of new experiences. He is trying to make the most of his time off from school the beautiful weather and our time at home together. He has planned several date night this week and I can't say enough about how wonderful those hours have been. 

#2 Snow Cones: Nothing better than a watermelon/sour apple snow cone with hubs or the bestie {yes, I had two this week}.

#3 Craft Shows: A great craft show is so fun. Shopping new businesses, marketing your own, networking and lots of girl time.

#4 Beautiful Sunsets: We have enjoyed 2 this week! It is amazing to stand there and be able to see God's handwork. 

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  1. thanks for linking up! snow cones are one of the best parts of summer! i'm hoping to have my first one over at 3 day weekend (I love Tigers Blood myself)!

  2. Craft Fair! So fun! I have not been to on in ages...Happy Thursday :)

  3. Snow cones...craft shows...beautiful sunsets...and wonderful many wonderful things to be thankful for for sure :)

    Thanks for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday! :)

    Happy weekending dolL! ox


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