Thursday, May 17, 2012

Senior Hottie?!?

So here it is...That post you have been seeing all over the blog world were we get to embarrass ourselves by showing pictures from our Senior Year of High School.  I know, I know, crazy right!

Well here it is a few snap shots of the Senior Year, Class of 2000!

Here is the official Senior Pic...and just a heads judging! Yes I have that same hair cut roughly 12 years later and wore it for most of high school. {I let it grow out and have since cut it all off and gone back to a slightly longer version of this cut}

Senior Class @ church graduation party

Are you seeing a trend? I grew up in West Texas. I was in college before I dated a guy that didn't wear a cowboy hat.  

12 years later- Business head shot

 Hubs and I cheering on the Astos 2012

 Hubs and I celebrating 2 yr wedding anniversary 2011

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  1. Nothing wrong with having the same haircut later when it's a great one! You don't look like you've changed much at all.

  2. What a beautiful senior photo!

  3. You are precious - then and now. I can say that because I'm like 80 years older. Or something like that. : )

  4. You are adorable! Both then AND now! I think you found the look that works for you early on, and I'm so jealous! ha!

    All of these photos are great! You definitely escaped any chance of embarrassment. :-)

    Thanks a TON for joining in the Senior Hottie fun!

  5. There is nothing wrong with looking the same. Luckily you graduated at at time where there was no crazy hair. You are beautiful!

  6. yay west texas! my prom date wore a texas tux, with hat, too. and you look lovely in all pics!

  7. Love your hair--then and now! Wish I could rock short hair, but it's a no go. You haven't changed much and you don't even look older! Share your secrets, please!


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