Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Friday, 
SO excited you are here! 

Dear Tisa, 
I need you to feel better so we can shop this weekend! 

Dear Renegade Craft Fair, 
I can't wait to tackle you tomorrow. 

Dear Pedicure,
We have a date tonight. 

Dear Hubs, 
You are my hero! You know why. 

Dear Gold's Gym, 
I really like your new cardio cinema room. Thanks for the upgrade. 

Dear Booty, 
How you doing back there? Still getting smaller? 

Dear Readers, 
What do you think about a Pin it to Win in contest from my shop? 

Dear Twitter,
I'm starting to get the hang of this. 

Dear Rain, 
I have really enjoyed you this past 2 weeks. Thanks for helping me save money on car washes, you just bought me that pedicure. 

Dear Giveaways,
I've entered several of you that rock...can I just win one win one of them?

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  1. hahah I like the letter to your booty! so funny! all your letters are cute! thanks for linking up with me!



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