Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty Full Moments: Fancy Friday Link Up

It's that time of month, not that time! It's time for the LoveFeast Table Fancy Friday Link up!
Since Mother's Day is just around the corner I don't think they could have come up with a better topic.

A time with or memory of, your mom, where life was Beauty Full

I have so many amazing memories of my mom that it is hard to think of one thing to focus on for this post. She is an amazing women, she is smart, funny, creative, inspirational, loving, Godly and happy. 

I hope that one day I will be able to be as amazing of a mother as she has been and show my child the love that she has shown me and my brothers over our lifetime. 

Recently we spent the weekend together. It was filled with laughing of silly jokes that hubs told us, old stories and random tid bits. 

We stayed up late watching DVDs, well she did, I always fall asleep a few minutes in . 

We went and got Beauty Full with awesome Pedicures. We laughed some more, jokes about her toes looking like Easter Eggs, and her color choice being on the fine line of an "Old Lady" color. 

We went to the movies and saw a chick flick and giggled when women in the audience hooted and hollered for a grown up shirtless Zac Efron.  Some girls are too silly. 

We shopped for a dress for her, one that said, " Hey! I'm the mother of the groom" but again didn't look like an old lady dress.  {we found the perfect dress at the 2nd store}

The trend that I see when I spend time with my mom, laughter. We laugh a lot, we enjoy each others company. Not say we don't have our moments, but the good always out numbers the bad. She is a Beauty Full women inside and out. 

Tell me about a moment you had with your mother that was Beauty Full.

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  1. We think we like your mom! :) She sounds amazing! Thanks for linking up and joining us at the table.
    ~Chris Ann & Kristin


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