Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Letters

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Dear Weekend,
I am sooo glad you are here. I need you and some time with hubs.

Dear Diva Dash,
I'm getting nervous, but excited. Wish I had someone participating with me so we could have fun team outfits to wear.

Dear Twitter,
I'M TRYING! I just don't get all of it!

Dear Brain,
i think we need a day off. 

Dear Workout,
Lunch hour is just not a fun time for you. I like to enjoy you and not feel rushed and stressed about you.We may have to re-evaluate.

Dear Hubs,
Thank you for doing the grocery shopping:) You're the best!

Dear Etsy,
You have really been bringing it lately.

Dear Lotto,
Why can't I win you so I can stay home and blog/sew all day?

Dear Taxes,
I am so glad you are finished:) Till next year when we meet again.

Dear Calender,
How do you get so full, so fast?

Dear Jack and Rachel,
Your wedding invite came in the mail yesterday and it was amazing! I can't wait till June.

Dear D,
I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday, what could be better than San Fran on a girls trip with your mom. Oh, I don't know a girls trip with me! Love ya.

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  1. Hi Lani! Totally hear ya on the work-outs during lunch hour. I just can't get into them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. dear weekend..I am so glad you are here too!!
    have a good one!


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