Friday, April 6, 2012

It's My Insta-Life Linky Party #4

So things have been crazy busy around here and I have been working on blogging, work, sewing and a million other things. I', sad to admit that I missed 2 weeks of link ups, but this is going change. April is under way and I already have some really fun pictures! If you missed March's Wrap up check it out {HERE}. The post includes a bunch of inspiration boards if you are wanting to change it up or if you are just starting out. 

In case you missed it here is Fatmumslim's April list, this is the one I am following. Make sure you note that the hash tag has changed this month.  

 #1 Your Reflection

#2 Colour: Grerat colorful postcard from the ATX

#3 Mail: Who doesn't like mail...except for bills:(

 #4 Someone that makes you happy: Hubs of course {lunch date}

#5 Tiny: Goldfish crackers:) 

#6 Lunch: Homeslice Pizza and an Izzy 
{perfect lunch date with hubs} 

Least favorite pic of the week! Traffic as I tried to get out of Austin on Good Friday. Took me 2 HOURS to drive 59 miles!!

Here are the ground rules:
I ask that you only link up posts that are related to your week in pictures. You don't have to use Instagram, but I promise you will fall in love with it if you try. 
{just this week its available to android users!}
Please link back to my blog somehow and include one of the awesome buttons from the party in your post {that is the amazing Austin skyline of the button}. Now hurry go tell all of your friends.

Last thing, please take the time to visit at least two of the other links in the party and share the love.

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  1. I just started using instagram this week (i'm an android), and I DO love it! I want to join your party but your linky isn't open yet?! :(

  2. That traffic looks awful!!!! I would have gone crazy!


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