Monday, April 23, 2012

I have plans...big plans

I have big plans for this blog, I just don't know what they are yet. I know that there is something out there and as soon as I come across it or imagine it...poof, it'll be wonderful. In the mean time I am going to enjoy writing about everything and anything. I would like to figure out how to merge my personal blog and my business blog {suggestions welcome}. I neglect the business blog, but I know that it could do wonders for my business. 

One of my goals for 2013 {yes I'm already working on that list} will be to attend a blog/craft type conference. There are so many out there. I have been researching, reading reviews, looking at cost and on and on. I need suggestions, I need experiences, I need your help. So here are the events that I have been eyeing. Some of them are coming up in the next few months and I know some of you are attending. I need details, the good and the bad, so I can make a decision and start saving to make it happen!

#1 Blogher: This is huge, I know. NYC? I think this is a top contender, but pricey and it would be later in the year. 

all crafts 6 Must Attend Blog Conferences {Giveaway $149}

#2 SNAPConference: I looked at this for this year and then realized that I was piling too many things on my plate in a short amount of time. 

snap conference

#3 Bloggy Boot Camp: I read up on this a little this year, but haven't heard much else about it. 

all crafts 6 Must Attend Blog Conferences {Giveaway $149} 

#4 Blissdom: I've been hearing about this but need lots more info!


So what are your thoughts? Have you read a review of one of these events, or know about another one you think rocked?

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  1. BlogHer!

    1. I'll be there and be a newbie as well. We can tackle the city and conference together.

    2. It's NYC, baby! (also a first for me!)

    3. I've heard great things about it, from SWAG to speakers, to events.

    4. I'm not familiar with the others except Blissdom and I was late to that party, so I can't say much about it! ;)

  2. Big plans is where it all starts! I've never done any of the conferences or anything (not really in my budget)- but I do know alot of bloggers go to them!

    good luck!

  3. What are the benefits of blog conferences? (I'm not too familiar with them.) I guess depending what each offers and if they fit what you are looking for - then it's the way to go :)
    I think you're going a fabulous job blogging!! ox

  4. I'm going to Bloggy Bootcamp in Vegas! :)


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