Thursday, April 19, 2012

thankful thursday

I'm late, I know. I didn't write in advance like I usually do. Sometimes the inspiration isn't there until the time is upon you. Thankful Thursday have really given me a chance to examine the small things in my life. Its been a wonderful way to share with others how blessed I feel that I am and the awesome God that has done this for me. 

So this week, I am thankful for...

#1 The Austin Stone Community Church: We have found a home amoungst other believers and I feel that God is working daily in the body of this church. I can't think of a Sunday that we walk out and I haven't felt moved by the sermon. Sometimes I have questions, sometimes I walk out and the meaning is clear. I am thankful for an amazing leadership team that loves our God and is focused on being used by Him for His good. 

Vintage Day at the Zoo Brother Sister Set-spring, zoo, animals, dress, tie, peanuts, balloons, tafata,vintage#2 Business Opportunities: This week has held a few changes for me, you can read about them {HERE}. As soon as these changes started happening. Good things started happening in my business. Wholesale orders started coming in, daily deal site contracts. These are the things that can keep me busy during the slower season. They are what can sustain me. The blessings are abundant. 

#3 Hubs: Lets just say the above mentioned changes are hard, and he is a rock. I can't imagine muddling through life without him.

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  1. Enjoyed reading the 'reason' for your business opps this week. At break during work today, I was sitting reading a book by E M Bounds called 'The Weapon of Prayer'. E M Bounds explained that our work is blessed by God when we pray. This is further confirmation of such. Thank you for sharing. Nice to meet you.

  2. YAY for business opportunities!! I'm excited for you :)
    YAY for church too and hubs <3 You both are beautiful together!
    Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday at First Day of My Life1 Hope you have a beautiful day!!

  3. Counting our blessings really does give us such perspective on life. So glad to hear that God has given you a supportive church and husband to steady you in this difficult time!


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