Thursday, April 12, 2012

thankful thursday

So much to be thankful that it is hard to pinpoint things just for this post. I feel so blessed that I have a have that option in my life.

#1 Breakfast in bed with a good book!
This is why the weekends are so my favorite days. Doesn't get much better than this.

#2 Hubs: As always he's the best, packs my lunch for me, folds laundry, texts me to just say hi, sends me funny youtube videos. You get it, he's the best!

#3 Pizza Lunch Dates: Best way to spend the lunch hour, hanging out with hubs soaking up a little South Austin culture and great pizza.

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  1. i have a cool little surprise for you on my blog today!

  2. He packs your lunch AND cooks? Goodness gracious is he a keeper!! ;) You sure found a winner ;)

    Thank you for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday! :)

    Hope your weekend is amazingly blessed and fun! ox

  3. Ooo! I wish I got to have lunch with my hubby during the week - that pizza looks fantastic! And I LOVE cinnamon swirl bread with raisins! I could eat like a whole loaf...don't tell anyone I admitted that ;)

  4. What a great list!! Thanks so much for linking up with me today! :)

  5. Love breakfast in bed with a good book. LOVE. IT.

    Stopping in from Thankful Thursdays :)

  6. those all look like great reasons to be thankful :) thanks for linking up!!


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