Thursday, April 5, 2012

thankful thursday

#1 All of my family and bloggy friends in the Dallas area are safe after the tornadoes on Tuesday. Wow!

via {this is an actually photo of 1 of the many tornadoes that hit the DFW area Tuesday}

#2 Geometry...thankful that I didn't go into a career that needs it. I honestly think I could have survived my entire life without really needing that class.

geometry, question 11
via {I mean really? Does this mean anything to you?}

#3 Hubs: As usually he is still putting up with my big bag of crazy;)

{old pictures from my sock monkey bulletin board at work}

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  1. We know lots of people in the DFW area. Very thankful for #1 as well. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Dallas is two hours from us - thankfully, we just got the rain and wind. It was super bad in that area and glad that most everyone stayed safe! Thanks for linking up at the Elf House!

  3. Glad you linked up! And ugh, GEOMETRY.... really?! never needed it after school

  4. YOu and hubs are so cute :)
    Hehe your geometry is so random - and I love it :)
    So happy that everything is safe, too <3
    Thanks for linking up! YOu are wonderful! :)

    Apparently I can't type "you" normal tonight..ha-ha!!!

  5. So glad that your loved ones are safe <3

  6. Those tornadoes were crazy! I have family and friends up there too.. just nuts.

    I just started a Texas bloggers blog.. with link parties for the major cities.. Id love for you to join :)


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