Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1LW #11

It was rough, that's what I have to say about this week. Seems like just when I think I have a grasp on it, my grip starts to slip until its out of my reach completely. 

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I have had a great week with Hubs, but got frustrated one morning and left the house without saying anything. I made it to my car, sat there a moment and then went back in to say sorry and kiss him bye. I felt better when I left for real {I scared him when I came back in and seeing him jump was so worth it}.

I struggled at work, we had severe weather one night and several of our clinics lost power. The next day I answered the phones for 3 clinics instead of 1. I was exhausted at the end of the day, and had 1 mom yell at me and hang up on me twice!

I struggled in my walk. I had a hard remembering that God is in control and that the desires of my heart may not be what He desires for me. If my heart is in the right place {on HIM} then my desires will be for His will, and that He will grant. 

I struggled with food. I haven't been reading the Made to Crave book like I wanted to. I have managed to keep off the weight I lost in the challenge at work, but am having issues with wanting to eat poorly. I'm pretty sure this is directly related to the struggle with my walk. 

So I am going to keep praying, keep trying to seek Him, know that my husband loves me no matter what, and that at the end of 8 hours {no matter how exhausting} I am going home and leaving work behind. 

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  1. amazing post!
    I really love it!

  2. You're so cute! Keep on keeping on girl! :)


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