Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Plumber,
I wish you had written my phone number down correctly, I have now wasted a morning sitting at home waiting for you. I will be thinking about you all week when I go into work early to make up my wasted time...
Oh, and I'll just go buy the part and fix it myself!

Dear Birchbox,
Where are you? When will you get here?

Dear Friends and Family,
Why do so many of you have to get married in the same year? 5 really? I just can't do it.

Dear Nora Roberts,
Thank you for writing so many mindlessly entertaining books. You can make hours go by in a blink.

Dear Dad,
I'm jealous that you are hanging out with A.

Dear Readers,
Go enter the giveaway from yesterday. Hurry do it! Good prize:)

Dear Megan,
Thank you for your note and gift, it was sweet and unnecessary.

Dear FatMumSlim,
Thank you for putting out another PhotoADay Challenge!

Dear Friday,
Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait till 5 o'clock today.

Dear Bloggers,
Get rid of the Word Catcha thingy, you are probably missing out on lots of comments from readers, because that thing is so frustrating;)


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  1. Word Catcha STINKS!! Ugggggh.
    Great giveaway - love it :)
    The end of 2010/beginning of 2011, within an 8 month span, I had 5 weddings too. It was horrible. (Well, the fact that I had to give a nice gift = costs money = expensive. Haha!)
    Birchbox usually doesn't send out until between the 10 and 15, I think. This is for your March box, right?
    Sorry about the plumber :( That STINKS!!

    Love you doll!

  2. Love it. I agree with the word catcha, one even had musical notes on the other day, how I am meant to leave the comment then :-(. I know I could keep refreshing till I get a couple of words I could enter but it just takes so long and lots you can't read.

  3. haha i feel ya about the weddings!! i had 7 last summer...3 of which i was in. talk about needing to take out a loan!! good luck with yours!

  4. ha, I love your last one! I HATE word verification!
    I've had a blog for almost four years and have received TWO spam comments. Click delete, and it's done! :)


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