Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Letters

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Dear iPhone 3GS,

Dear iPhone 4S,
Welcome to my world! Why do you have to be so expensive?

Dear Chapstick,
Thank you for ruining a great night with hubs by making your way into the dryer and ruining an entire load of laundry, mainly hubs work clothes!

Thanks for saving me a bundle and letting me buy more:)

Dear Tisa,
Thanks for telling me about

Dear Hubs,
So happy that you had a fun birthday!

Dear Ladies at the Gym,
First lady, you cracked me up you where rocking out the music overhead and made me start my workout happy. Second lady, not cool to sing along with your ear phones when there are people around you. I was trying to read a book and that other lady was watching tv. You did have a nice voice though:)

Dear Barton Springs,
I got a season pass, I'm really going to try and make it count. Could you warm up just a little for me. 

Dear Summer Shows,
I'm ready for you! Rizolli & Isles, The Glades, Rookie Blues oh and Secret Life. 

Dear Work,
I wish we had summers off.

Dear Insta-Lifers,
We are moving to Saturdays! Come back to tomorrow and link up your photo posts!

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  1. Oh I wish we had summers off too! How wonderful that would be!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Ohhh, nooooo. My husband always leaves chapstick in his pockets! He's terrible about remembering to empty them!!

  3. Hi Lani!
    I'm writing the same letter to work as well :) I'd even be okay with just working from the cottage the entire summer but alas being that I manage people it's just not allowed :(

    Hope you had a great weekend

  4. Hello! love your blog! I just wanted to invite you to be a part of a really fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  5. I love my iphone 4s. Sometimes Siri irritates me but she's getting better. Oh no! Sorry Chapstick attacked your husband's clothes.

  6. Too bad you couldn't have waited for the iPhone 5 to come out!! Boo!!


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