Monday, March 5, 2012

Manic Monday: Weekend Fun & A Winner

It's just another Manic Monday... I wish was Sunday....because that means I would be at work! So that's not how the song actually goes, but sometimes I like to put my personal touch on things.

Sunday was a fun day, but so was Saturday. Market Days, craft shows, hanging out with friends, church and the thoughts of a festival.

I really had plans to work on redoing the shipping station in my sewing room....but I needed a shelf that is currently buried in the garage and I really didn't want to bug Hubs while he was studying to dig it out. So maybe next week I'll get around to it. in the mean time it will remain a heap of boxes, rolls of tape and tissue paper. Please don't cringe when you look at this picture. I promise I will make it better, eventually.

So instead of working, I played, but that didn't go as smooth either. My car started making a squealing noise earlier in the week and Hubs diagnosis was I needed a new belt, not just any belt but a important belt that gonns cost us like $500 to replace! So I couldn't drive the 20 minutes to Round Rock for the 1st Market Days. My bestie and I have been planning to attend for weeks! You know how I know she really is my bestie...she came and got me. Yes, she drove the 20 minutes from her house to mine to pick me up and then we drove all the way back.

Market Days was a hit, lots of different vendors and tons of shoppers. We sampled peanut brittle and chowed down on kettlecorn and sweet tea. Purchased some handmade soap and took in all the surrounds of a beautiful spring day in Central Texas and chatted it up with lots of friends.

We hit up a local craft show and bestie's son's school. Chatted it up with tons of fun vendors, sampled some yummy bundt cake{I had the 7-Up and it was tasty!}. We ran a few errands, hung out at her house, and had a late lunch. I was exhausted by the time she took me home, but we had too much fun. Hubs came home for work, we had a delicious dinner and watched a old episode of SNL. Doesn't get much better than that.

Flash to Sunday... Grand ideas of church and the Zilker Kite Festival. Church was amazing as always, a great sermon about fasting and the importance of it. Definitley something I'm looking forward to discussing further with out Missional Community.

By the time we got out of church, Kite festival was in full swing and I had a headache. I was ready to eat and then head home for a nap. So a passed on walking through the park. So these pics are from last years event where we had a great time.

It was a wonderful weekend. I spent the rest of Sunday napping{2 hours}, hitting the gym and crafting! Can't wait to share the tutorial I worked on today with you.
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  1. Sounds like a SUPER fun weekend!!!! Hope the weather was perfect for you guy :)


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