Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1LW #6

I feel that I have been very blessed this year. Now I know its only 5 weeks into this year, but I have had an amazing year so far. I have been blessed with time with my family, time with hubs, an incredible group of couples from church, a new circle of friends of which are all Christian women, encouragement at work. So many things that it is really hard to list them all. 

I started blogging regularly this year and an proud to say I have actually had something to say each day! I have embraced this blog to be not only an outlet for me, but it needed to be fun. I really enjoy reading other's postings and linking up with "Linky Parties." I think my favorite linky party takes place each Wednesday over at It's a Long Story, it's called 1 Little Word Wednesdays. 

When I first read about this post, I really had to think about what my word would be. 

I choose POSITIVE...I want to choose to be more POSITIVE.
It really is a conscious effort. 

unconditional love.

This week I had my challenges and my successes like every week. 

With My Husband: He's tired and a little stressed. He works so hard for us and is going to school to prepare for the future. I tried to be a positive encouragement to him, calm and helpful when he needed it and sometimes it was as easy as going shopping so he had a quite house to study in. 

With My Work: This ones challenging, work has its Mondays, the it has it's Tuesday's that feel like Mondays. This past week I think work was my biggest struggle. We had a lot of people call in sick and have several new employees starting. Moral is.... stretched. I'm trying to keep my chin high and be positive with every interaction I have. I'm praying hard on this one.  

With My Friends: Don't gossip! Be encouraging!

With My Self: Don't get discouraged, keep praying, keep smiling.

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  1. i like this idea! and i love your word... your comment about being positive at work and not gossiping with friends hit me hard this morning... i actually had a similar post today. thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your word & all of the positive talk. Your blog is adorable!

  3. Cute post! I need to be more positive! Thanks for the reminder!


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