Friday, February 3, 2012

friday night letters

Dear Post Master Ken,
Thanks for always being nice and friendly, even when I show up with a arm full of packages 15 minutes before you close. I really did come straight from work.

Dear Firefighter of Station 21,
You made my day earlier this week when I watched you back a trailer up with a firetruck. Never in all my years have I seen this, and my dad is a retired firefighter and hubs had 9 years on.

Dear Shutter Lady,
You really irritated me this week, when you showed up to "measure" and then tried to get hubs to make a bunch of decisions without me. Why did you do this and not ask these questions when we came to the showroom. Grrrr!

Dear Hubs,
I really love that you rub my back and always kiss me bye in the mornings when you leave for work. I sleep the best in the hours after that.

Dear Dad,
Thanks for letting mom come and play this weekend! We miss you.

Dear Aimee,
Thanks for being so patient with me and always coming up with the cutest end products. You rock!

Dear Chrissy,
Thanks for making me an awesome bloggy connections button that I totally dig. I would never have figured that one out on my own. p.s. I love my journal.

Dear Aleks,
Thank you for being a sweet host, I love my book marker!

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for the thoughtful gift, the calander was perfect for the kitchen.

Dear Tisa,
I miss you!

Dear God,
Thank you for your amazing love and control. With just week of trying to give you control of my life, I already see the changes and they are good.


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  1. What a nice post, and how wonderful that you have a lot to be thankful for! (minus the shutter lady, grrr).

    Happy weekend!


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