Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Monday: Bathroom Redo

I'm starting to feel like my entire house is a redo. Sad since we haven't even lived here a year and we bought a brand new house!
Okay for the house it self is perfect and I like it more everyday. We are slowly doing large scale improvements, we just had awesome plantation shutters put in the entire house. They are amazing!

So this week I conquered the bathroom cabinets. There are two cabinets in the bathroom that I have taken over, one under the sink and the other above the commode.

 Above the commode: Before! I have an issue with getting my jewelry in the right place.

Under the sink: Before! I know, I know It's a mess!

After: I used the baskets I already had & just cleaned them out and rearranged. The glass jars came from Hobby Lobby {$5.99 each} and now hold all of my nail polish, The acrylic stackables came from The Container Store {$6.99 each}. I put perfumes I only wear on occasion in the top one and Feminine products in the bottom one. Guests can look in the cabinet and easily find anything they need.

The jewelry was a challenge, I picked up this sectional acrylic tray at The Container Store {$11.99}. It was perfect for separating out silver from gold and then rings, bracelets, earring and necklaces. I changed my towels from folded to rolled and they fit so much better. Moved non-daily items to the baskets under the sink and tossed some out.

All in all, I have to say this was a good redo. I like the way it looks and I can actually find things! I threw a lot of stuff away and it cleared up some space. My favorite part is the jars for my nail polishes. Added a little color and so much better than having them all in a make up bag.
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  1. Ha! I know how you feel. We are in the same boat. Finished building a house and moved in last I feel like I could have some project to do EVERY weekend! :) Our "trouble" was that to stay on budget during the build we had to put some things off. I'd love to see the new shutters. Next up for me this spring is the landscaping!

  2. I LOVE getting things organized! My hubs always says there is nothing left to organize and that it's just playing now. I guess it is, organizing = fun! And your cupboards look great!!

    And yay for plantations shutters! Best investment ever!

  3. I think you're too hard on yourself - your re-do is great! Want to come organize my place? ;)

  4. Looks good! I love clear acrylic trays for the bathroom! Perhaps it’s becuse they let me feel organized even when I’m still just throwing things into a tray!

  5. I really need to organize my bathroom! Thanks for all the fantastic ideas and linking up to Manic Monday!


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