Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Rain,
We need you, so I won't say go away. But could you try and keep it down. I'm trying to sleep.

Dear Businesses,
If you do a giveaway on a blog, make sure to contact your winner. I was so excited about winning your amazing prize, but you never emailed me back and I don't want to nag:(

Dear Weekend, 
You went by too fast, I'm glad you're back.

Dear Nice Girl @ The Bookstore,
I'm not judging, you sounded really nice and I know this is Austin. That being said ankle books, rainbow knee high sock and a skirt so short your booty is almost showing isn't the best "are you hiring" outfit. Especially in the used bookstore that the sweet retired lady runs where she plays harp music all day. Just sayin'.

Dear Monday,
Thanks for going so smooth. No one yelled or cursed at me on the phone...all day!

Dear Birchbox,
Thank you for finally removing me from the wait list.

Dear Erin Condren,
Thank you! Thank you! I am so happy that my planner came in and it is amazing. 


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  1. Ahh! So lucky! I am still on the Birchbox wait list...

    1. I wasn't even on the list a month! You'll get that magic email soon!

  2. CUTE POST!! :) Glad you're not on the waiting list anymore..yay!! (For birchbox!)

    What giveaway did you win?! Congrats dear!! I don't like giveaways that just post on their website/blog and don't email you to let you know - sometimes you're so busy you get behind in blogs/sites - it's hard to keep up with so many!

    I'm glad no one yelled at you on Monday :)


    1. P.S. is there a link-up for Friday letters?! I want to join in but don't see a link up :( Am I blind?!

    2. Cami, you can link up your letters at my blog!

  3. I laughed out loud at your birchbox letter because I feel ya! I just got taken off last month and have received one so far--- and it was awesome! I am so excited about it! Loved your letters, I am glad you didn't get cussed at either :)


  4. I hope that business e-mails you back so you can claim your prize! And YES Thank you weekend for coming so quickly.

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  6. I agree, I'm so glad the weekend is back in my life!! :) Can't wait to just relax!!


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