Friday, February 3, 2012



My mom drove in yesterday for a fun filled Girl Weekend! Hubs is home, but it working therefore still a Girl's Weekend. We have big plans and I can not wait.

Shopping, crafting, 5k running, more crafting, movies, church, WICKED and probably more crafting!

{color run}


Who wouldn't love this weekend. I might need a nap mid way through.

I managed to cook dinner 3 times this week, yep that's right 3.
I am very proud of this accomplishment. We had artichokes and pasta {fav}, spaghetti, and chicken enchiladas.

Mom eats gluten-free so I saved the enchiladas for last night.

I found out at work today that my boss, who loves to cook, didn't know how to make artichokes. My first response was, " you've never lived in California, have you?" This was a favorite growing up, mom was born and raised in SoCal. Hubs and I lived in Central Cali for 2 years and this is a regular dinner party dish.

I got so excited this weekend while I was grocery shopping and saw they were priced at $1.28 EACH!! I am use to paying $3.98 each, which is why we don't eat them too often. At that price we might just have them again this weekend. I know mom would enjoy them.

So here it's just so simple and delicious!

 I like to trim the stems to about an inch right before they go in the pot.

 Boil for 40 minutes with lid on.

 Use your strainer and them sit them in individual bowls. I like to open them up before I serve them to let some of the steam out.

 I'm pretty easy going on the pasta part, and this is a common staple at our house. Cooked as directed and served with a splash of olive oil.

I know the big question on everyone's mind do I eat it?
Well here it is:

Growing up we dipped it in butter or mayonnaise, now I eat them just plain and still enjoy every bit.
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  1. I LOVE a steamed artichoke. The heart is fave part, and sweet hubs (loves the heart too) always gives me his :) I think we just might need to head out to the grocery store for artichokes tonight!


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