Friday, January 20, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Fridays are the day that I have reserved for sharing a recipe and pics of my cooking for the week. I do this mainly to keep me accountable to cook dinner at least 1 night a week which was on the goals list for this year. So far so good, except that this weeks meal was not healthy, was not fancy and I forgot to take pics. We had whole wheat pasta shells, with ground turkey and creamy vodka sauce {I of course sprinkled a little sharp cheddar on mine}.

The thing I'm even more proud of than cooking this week... I did all of the grocery shopping alone and got kuddos! Since hubs does, ohhh 99% of the cooking at home he usually wants in on the shopping too. This week was a little crazy with coming home from vacation and heading straight back to work {you can only survive on cereal for so long}. So I headed to Central Market, picked up all of the usual goods and didn't forget anything that I can think of. Hubs has told me several times, thank you and how much he appreciated me taking care of it. Maybe this Proverbs 31 wife thing might be okay (see previous post).

With that being said I decided that I would do something a little more fun, My favorite 5. I have done this type of post in the past with 5 things I'm loving right now and I had fun, so here is a current version. Enjoy!

#1 The Lucky Elephant - The Mega Wrap... Rainbow Sundance GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT Leather Wrap Bracelet. Need I saw more? It's so fun and totally on my wish list.

The Mega Wrap... Rainbow Sundance GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT  Leather Wrap Bracelet - 4.5 feet long

#2 Barnowl Primatives - Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers Typography Word Art Sign Horizontal. I saw a similar sign years ago and loved it. I looked everyone for one and could never find it. I think I need this in my office at work:)

Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers Typography Word Art Sign Horizontal Medium

#3 Tisa's Creations - Shut the Front Door Card. Now you can purchase the cards individually if you have someone specific in mind to send it to, or like me you can buy a pack with 1 of each color and send them to everyone!

 Shut the Front Door Card - choose your color

 #4 Cut the Cake Designs - Address Card File Rolodex Green Bird on a Branch. I love this open concept, I have the most boring Rolodex and my address book is cute, but this is awesome!! On the wish list for sure!

Address Card File Rolodex Green Bird on a Branch

#5 Designs by Taylor2U - Custom Map Necklace: HAVE IT!! I have a beautiful custom crystal map necklace with Italy on it {its on the list of must visit places} I also gave my mom one last year with Scotland {she loves tracing her genealogy}. It is a great gift for a bride or anyone special.

Custom Map Necklace You Pick the Place Great for Bride Anniversary Engagement

So there it is, My Fav 5 for this week. What is on your love list right now? Did you check out any of the shops on my Fav 5?


Monday starts the Weight Challenge at my job and I am totally in! Everyone participating throws $20 in the pot. Challenge last 1 month and who ever looses the most percentage WINS the entire pot, which is currently $160! A few of our docs even added to the pot but are going to sit on the sidelines {so nice of them}. So here we go....starting weight will be posted on Monday...I can't believe I'm going to tell ya'll how much I weight! This might just help me knock out that goal of loosing 10 lbs!

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  1. Are we the same person because I adore everything you just posted!! :)

    I'm excited for your Weight Challenge at work - that's exciting!! :) Good luck!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. I love learning new vendor stuff from other bloggers!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks happy to see my sign made your list!! LOVE that bracelet too!

    xo ~ kristi

  4. i LOVE the map necklace!!! thanks so much for sharing !!


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