Monday, January 16, 2012

SNAP...THE Premiere Craft & DIY Social Media Conference

As many of you know I am new the blogging world. I've been following and reading various blogs for years, but just this year decided that I would jump in and start writing my own. It has only been 2 weeks and I can't believe the commitment that this has been. I am thinking non-stop about topics and projects. My husband laughs every time I pull out my notebook from my purse and start writing. It's never a 1 line idea, it usually ends up being a page of bullet points. I have more ideas than days in the week and have a list of back ups in case I ever run out of ideas.

I decided that I needed structure to my blog, something that my readers...okay hopefully future readers will enjoy and come to count on. So while I sit at my desk from 8-5 I make lists and write and daydream. Oh! Did I mention that in addition to a full time job as a Pediatric Nurse I have my own handmade business? I love sewing and have been making Children's clothing for 2 years now! Elle Dee Designs has grown beyond my wildest dreams, but I know I can still make it even better.

the Queen Bee Market
The Queen Bee Market has been something I have followed since they started and I think it looks amazing! I keep trying to decide which event I should make my way out to So Cal to attend...then I read this awesome announcement from SNAP!, THE Premiere Craft & DIY Social Media Conference in my opinion, that they are teaming up with Queen Bee Market and hosting the Mother of all awesome events. Even better they are giving away a few tickets. This got me thinking, I totally need to enter this giveaway, I would love to attend, could learn so much, meet some awesome fellow crafters and bloggers and hubs would be so happy if we could save on some of the expenses.

So there it is the reason I really want to win the tickets to SNAP! So please vote for me starting January 21st - January 27th!! I promise to learn as much as possible and hopefully my readers will benefit as much as I do.

Thank you!

You can check out SNAP! @

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  1. Thanks for writing about the Queen Bee Market! We're excited to be there to participate with SNAP! Good luck with the voting. xo

  2. Good luck! I'm a new follower who found you on Snap!

  3. Lani,

    Thanks so much for your sweet words about the conference. We really appreciate your participating in this giveaway.



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