Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend in Review

Hoping everyone has had a wonderful weekend! We spent some time with family back home in West Texas. It was a full house, every bedroom and couch was full. My youngest brother and his girlfriend came to visi,. baby bro is stationed in Colorado Springs and his sweet girlfriend goes to Kanasas State. This was the first time I've seen them since October 2010, when bro graduated from basic training. Sadly our other brother and his fmaily weren't able to come:( They are stationed in Virginia and while I am super excited that I am getting a NEW niece or nephew this summer, I hate that my sweet sis-in-law is miserable with morning sickness that lasts the entire day.

Oh did I mention that it was bro's 21st Birthday!?! So lots of awesome family time happening here! We played board games galore...


Hubs and my dad spent the evening chilling in the recliners, playing on the computer and watching the news. Dad did help some when we hti a road bump in Scrabble.

Bro picked King and I for celebration dinner, best Thai food in town and a family fav.

  Exciting news to end the weekend on...
The Future Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gillett!!
Congratulations to my baby bro & my soon to be awesome sis-in-law!

Looking forward to participating in this awesome upcoming journal swap. Interested too, head over to Aleks Handmade and sign up! 

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