Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mash Up

Day #1 of the Weight Challenge and as previously discussed I'm going to share my you...a lot of strangers...and some friends. More on that later!

Mondays are always rough at work, but fun on the blog because I get the chance to recap the week previous. Even better since I am participating with Fat Mum Slim and jessicaNdesigns January Photo A Day Challenge with Instagram, I get to show it to you in pics!

#15 Happiness - My fabric Stash 
#16 Morning- Enough Said
#17 Water- I LOVE Topo Chico mineral water
#18 Something I bought- adorable letterpress cards while on vacation

#19 Sweet- Getting in Shape #20 Someone I love- My Nephew Atticus
#21 Reflection- the mirror

It was a fun week in pictures, definetly challenging I really had to think about some of them and improvise on others. Hubs would not cooperate with me for #20, so I used a fun picture I already had of my nephew wearing the hat we sent him for his brithday, adorable, right?

My prayer journal post was featured on another blog...making me super happy and even more excited about the concept of blogging.

I'm trying to win tickets to the SNAP! Conference and of course would love your vote... click {here} and vote for me:) I'm the first one and the only Lani.

Last but definetly not least...The Weight Challenge... here it is...I weighted in this morning and the starting weight is 142.2 lbs.  Hubs has talked me out of trying to win or setting a specific goal, but more on focusing on the importance of eating well and continuing to exercise daily. I read a great post a while back about a book that was helpful for one women in her struggle to loose weight. I think I'll pick that up too. Hubs also pointed out the importance of prayer and making sure that I really give this over to God and not make it the idol of my life.

I know that Idol is a strange word to use here and one that might have had you thinking hard about it. Today's sermon started an amazing series that I needed to hear today, and will share once it's online.

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