Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Mash Up & Challenge Update

Busy last week....busy this week.

I am loving it and yet I am tired. I try and get those recommended 8 hours of sleep each night, heck I shoot for 9. 8 to 5 is just the beginning of it. I still have orders to sew, packages to get ready to ship, groceries to shop for and all I really want to do is get a mani/pedi adn then go home, take a hot bath and read celebrity gossip magazines. What is wrong with me?

This week is the last week of the January Photo A Day Challenge with Instagram. Fat Mum Slim along with jessicaNdesigns have been a blast to link up with and I have to admit, the list for February looks to be just as much fun.

With out further ado....the week in review

 #22 My Shoes #23 Something Old
#24 Guilty Pleasure:) #25 Something I Made

#26 Color #27 Lunch
#28 Light #29 Inside My Fridge

Weight Challenge Update:
Not only do I feel so much better about some of my food habits just 1 week into the challenge, but have realized how serious my stress eating is. I have found some new discipline, which I know I could loose if I don't keep trying. Smaller, healthier, more frequent meals, using the right foods, tons of water and the gym 4 days this week and..... I lost 2.6 lbs!!

Just 2 more days of the January Challenge, and then I am headed into February!

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